Albuquerque is a city in New Mexico, surrounded by mountains and drunk indians that try to raise buffalo, which are prime for paintballing. The state is perfect for Xtreme vandalism.
OMG DAYUM!!!11 I just melted that freakin port-o-let.
by McPoopy February 04, 2005
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(Spanish) adjective; brown and dirty.
noun; a place where drug use, crime, corrupt politics, "latin legislature", atrocious schools, and the most unsafe and inconsiderate drivers converge to live where the weather is nice, everything is dirty and dusty, and state pride is that of any other border town in Mexico; a dump.
Death Valley or any other ridiculous desert landscape looks just like Albuquerque.
by skybum February 17, 2009
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A really crappy city whose only redeeming qualities are the nearby mountains and the airport to get you the hell out.

Known for both extremely poor and extremely rich neighborhoods.

The local news is horrible and, recently, bear attacks have pervaded the city's already horrible reputation.
want to watch a bunch of illegals who drive terribly complain about bears?
come to albuquerque.
by morejacob October 05, 2007
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complete crap town. home to the worst drivers, the worst burritos (unless you know where to get the good ones), and home to worthless filth who beg for money outside just about every store in the west side.

we have what we call "hell hour"... about 4:00pm, right before rush hour where the worst drivers manage to merge onto the freeways at once before congestion. crappy ass cars with wire wheels going 80mph about 4" apart. you are lucky if you dont seen an accident happen right in front of you, and gunfire as the result.
"dude, albuquerque is a peice of shit"

"yeah i know..."

"lets burn this fucker down"

by bigdickmike August 07, 2008
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Possibly the greatest comedy song ever written. It was written by Wierd Al Yancovic, a very funny artist. It is aprox. 11:22 long, and is featured in his album Running with Scissors.
"Hey guess what? I know all the words of Wierd al's Albuquerque!"
"Oh, yea? Well, sing it to me!"
"Well, I would, except we're not talking, i am posting a definition of the song on UrbanDictionary.com and I would post all the words, but unfortunately i cant because the stupid thing says that i have used the word 'said' too much... which is very true."
"Ah, I see. I will go look up the lyrics and download the song, then."
by Twalger April 29, 2005
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Albuquerque is a small city in central northern New Mexico at the base of the Sandia mountain range. It is a dying town, with a fleeing tax base and its sole current source of financial support is Kirtland Air Force Base and Sandia Labs. Travel by car through or to Albuquerque is not recommended, as auto repair shops will damage vehicles left overnight to drum up business. They will also tell you that you need mountain air and special mountain batteries for your vehicle. There is no reason on cross-country trips to consider crossing or stopping anywhere in New Mexico, particularly in Albuquerque.
Albuquerque is not a good place to settle down

There are no jobs or education or health care in Albuquerque
by Findler-man March 10, 2009
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