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Quite possibly the shittiest city ever. The cops are all corrupt and often get away with killing their wives, fucking hookers on the hoods of their cruisers, and basically just doing whatever the fuck they want. Albuquerque has no "good side of town," only areas that are slightly less shitty. In the south (affectionately known as the Warzone due to it's gang violence) are cholos and gangster black folk. To the east are rich, stuck up white people that nobody likes; to the west are a mixture of cholos and retarded lower-class white people that need a little more chlorine in their gene pool. Lastly, you have the north, which is inhabited by mid- to lower-upper-class white folk with a huge sense of entitlement. Albuquerque suffers from a Meth Epidemic, and a large portion of the teenage population enjoys some form of illegal drug. If you are ever considering moving to Albuquerque, save yourself the time and shave your head with a cheesegrater, sandpaper your genitalia, and shove icepicks through both your eyes. It's better than getting stuck in the Land of Entrapment.
Many Iraq War veterans return home to Albuquerque and immediately request transfer to any combat zone anywhere to get out of this God-Forsaken Hell Hole
by Hoss598 January 01, 2012
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