The act of shooting a friend on your porch with a .357 revolver. And/Or the act of killing a friend on a FPS such as Call Of Duty or Halo.
WTF! Stop alberting me!
by flaminmane1620 October 05, 2010
Top Definition
The act of deriving misconstrued definitions from other words in order to prove your point.
"Dude if you want to hack your computer go and get a feather duster and dust your keyboard." You make no sense man, stop alberting.
by Valoo February 24, 2015
Filming or photographing someone without their knowledge or permission, usually in a sexual manner or relatively intimate/private location, such as a changing room or toilet. Common methods include having a phone in an exterior pocket with the camera facing the target.
Person 1, upon seeing a phone in Person 2's pocket: Dude stop Alberting!
Person 2: I'm not! Relax dude, my phone doesn't fit in any other pocket.
Person 1: My bad bro.
by Not Albert April 30, 2015
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