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3 definitions by flaminmane1620

the act of destroying the weak tuner cars in your sweet ass pontiac usually by a good distance. (sorry wiggers)
dude you totally pontiowned savvchuck's piece of shit honda!
by flaminmane1620 October 31, 2010
The act of shooting a friend on your porch with a .357 revolver. And/Or the act of killing a friend on a FPS such as Call Of Duty or Halo.
WTF! Stop alberting me!
by flaminmane1620 October 05, 2010
noun. a black person who dislikes or hates Epic Beard Man, slandering and/or defiling the sanctity of the definition of EBM on urban dictionary.
a true racist and/or hateful of the elderly.
The act of defining something as an inside joke that makes it through the censors on urban dictionary.
Wow, Anonymous1610, you are very racist...towards the elderly/veterans.
example of pitiful? that guy who dislikes epic beard man and posted a false and ignorant definition on urban dictionary.
(Guy1) Look! Someone played the anonymous1610 card and posted an inside joke.

(Guy2) Wow...that's pretty weak! N00b.
by flaminmane1620 October 29, 2010