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Genital sweat, usually having an intense odor. Caused by prolonged physical activity or poor hygiene, or sex.
"Dude, I just ran like seven miles."
"You must be husting like no other."
"Yeah my shorts are soaking with hust."
"Ugh, nasy dude."
by Hend July 31, 2008
43 13
The chemical compound, usually found in liquid form, that resides in the male and female genitalia. Can include piss, sweat, cum, etc.
Man, it was so hot in the club that my balls were swimming in hust.
by CaMaMaNo September 24, 2008
21 7
shut up, be quiet
hust up
by PalomaD May 08, 2011
3 7
Big, strong and burly intense sexual desire or appetite. Husky lust. Fat sex.
I'd hust it.
The 40 Year Old Hust (movie)
Hust Fuzz (movie)
by hustnoodles April 11, 2007
11 16
when you see something that's really really dusty you must write hust in the dust.
by meghan and jenny July 19, 2003
9 19
HUST is the latest craze in NY.
There are several translations, here are a few:

Hust ah schmasser?
(got dick?™)
Yo, Did you see than new HUST sticker on J and E14?
by Cholent™ August 15, 2004
13 24