When one "mate" shits in aluminum foil, places it in the freezer, or out side on a cold day, and inserts it in to the other "mates" rectal area to perform pleasure. The frozen piece of tundra replaces the old dildo for something more jagged and cool. *hint: try eating corn, peanuts, and fiber before defecating into the foil for extra ribbed. This maneuver can also be performed solo.
Ben was tired of the traditional dildo in his ass, so he convinced Josh to give him an alaskan pipeline instead. So that morning, Josh took a dumb in aluminum foil, froze it, and had hours of fun when they got off work.
by schmitty81 October 29, 2007
An Alaskan Pipeline occurs when a homosexual male takes a shit in some saran wrap, wraps it up and freezes it to a solid and hard form, then sticks it in his mates ass as a substitute for a dildo or penis.
(Ben and Lee are mates)
Ben- Hey Lee, so.. you want to...
Lee- Sure, im ready. I just don't want to get any STDS.
Ben- Well, did you bring your dildo?
Lee- No, I thought you would have yours. What else could we use?
Ben- I can make an Alaskan Pipeline.
Lee- Good idea.
by James T. January 23, 2007
When you freeze a piece of shit and use it as an anal dildo.
My B.H. is sore from last nights Alaskan Pipeline party...and it broke off.
by Talleyrand McGonnagill September 10, 2006
A sexual act of passion where a partner takes a dump prior to the scheduled love making and freezes it for about a day. The frozen poo is then used as a dildo whenever you or your partner feel the need to spice things up.
My baby was getting so tired of the vibrator so I told her I'd give her something new to play with. She's been on the Alaskan Pipeline ever since.
by Lester Chunks May 26, 2008
When you put a large amount of shit in a condom and put it in the freezer. Once it is rock hard, you can use it as a condom!
I used a Alaskan Pipeline to pleasure myself last night.
by Romeizzzle November 07, 2008
the act of cutting a whole 8 ball of cocaine into one long gigantic rail.
me and brian picked up an 8 ball last night and blasted it all to our dome alaskan pipeline style.
by D>A>D May 22, 2006
when a large pipe is inserted in the alaskan anus
i saw an alaskan pipeline on my holiday
by MrMcGangbang May 07, 2015

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