A person that partakes in the act of defecating into a snow bank to freeze the log for use as a dildo in the future. Some may use condoms or saran wrap to reduce mess and health complications.
A rich and hearty diet is necessary to become a champion Alaskan Pipeliner.
by Frank Snowl December 18, 2012
An oil pipe network going from crude oil rich Alaska, across central Canada, and into the US. Unlike the other weirdass definitions on here.
The politicians canceled plans for an Alaskan pipeline for oil exports.
by Nobody77 January 03, 2014
When one defecates into a condom, then inserts it into the freezer till frozen. Then after frozen uses as a sex toy.
Dude, Nick, i just my Alaskan Pipeline i made a few days ago and totally used it on Jenna. She totally loved it till i told her what it was. Now I'm in the dog house for a week.
by mr.crosscountry May 19, 2010
The act of defecating in a condom, freezing it and forcing your girlfriend to use it as a dildo.
Dude 1: Yo dude I gave my bitch an ALASKAN PIPELINE last night.
Dude 2: No shit, how'd she take it?
Dude 1: I dont know, she never got it out.
by tbrmrg November 05, 2009
n: a condom that has been filled with feces and frozen, used for insertion into a vaginal or anal orifice.
... and then, at the last minute, he whipped out his trusty Alaskan Pipeline ...
by powderedtoastman01 May 12, 2010
When a person shits into a condom. The shit is then frozen and used as a dildo to pleasure themselves.
Jacob:Hey did you hear about Malone using the Alaskan pipeline?

Zack: That's pretty disgusting.
by almightgamR May 13, 2014
The act of taking a dump in a used condom, putting it in the freezer and then using it to masturbate your significant other. Invented by Nick F. sometime in March 2014.
I heard Nick gave Alaskan pipeline to Lauren
by Alpinenigga April 09, 2014

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