n: a condom that has been filled with feces and frozen, used for insertion into a vaginal or anal orifice.
... and then, at the last minute, he whipped out his trusty Alaskan Pipeline ...
by powderedtoastman01 May 12, 2010
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n: the act of pooping in to a condom, freezing the rubber overnight, then inserting it in to ones anus.

Invented at the University of Iowa by Brian and Andy S. in 2001.
Andy: "Hey Brian, wanna come give me an alaskan pipeline?"

Brian: "You know I can't do that again. Dad will spank us!"

Andy: "Aww shucks Brian, you know how much I love those."

Brian: "I know Andy dear, I know."
by aseay_99 August 03, 2004
Take a shit. Freeze that bad mother fucker and start having sex with your girl in the kitchen. reach into the ice box grab your frozen turd and shove it up her ass. you may want to lube her up before hand since the frost sometimes makes the blade stick, which, like ripping your tounge from an icy pole can be painful. so depending on how you feel about the tramp bring some KY.
Danny gave me a fucking Alaskan Pipeline lastnight and it almost tore my asshole out.
by Duke Masters October 31, 2006
alaskan pipeline is the act of crapping into a condom, putting it into the freezer and than using it like a dildo
alex p: hey alex, we're still going to use the alaskan pipeline i made last night, right
alex r: hell yeah we are, ALASKAN PIPELINES ROCK
by mathias420 June 07, 2004
n: the act of pooping in to a condom, freezing the rubber overnight, then inserting it in to ones anus.
honey, you know i had thai food last night. are you still down for this alaskan pipeline?
by atom balm January 07, 2004
when a man and a woman are intimate, the man shits in a condom and freezes it. then the man takes the frozen shit "dildo" and crams it up the womans ass. she then moans and asks for more.
man 1:dude i took the biggest shit and froze it last night
man 2: did u alaskan pipe line some bitch?
man 1: fuck yeah nigga coon!
by barrak obama October 27, 2007
This happens when a person shits in a condom then puts it in the freezer to use as a dildo for later.
I don't have any real dildos, so I made an Alaskan Pipeline instead!
by Trickmaster16 November 20, 2012
Grab a love glove and drop a deuce into it. Now take the shit-filled prophylactic and put it in the freezer; preferably away from anything resembling a frozen treat. Once your poop-sicle is rock hard, the party begins. Bend your girl over and start screwing. Once you have a good rhythm going, ram that fecal dildo in her ass. You may or may not want to warn her. Lube is advised.
Before Ted violated is girlfriend with an Alaskan Pipeline, he yelled, "Big load of crude coming in!"
by shadow_javelin January 29, 2011

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