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Another word for a fart. This word accentuates the rather foul odor accompanied by the noise, as it closely resembles the presence of fecal matter. Cleanup may be required after expulsion.
I just took an air dump in the other room. I about vomited.
by PsvyXlone Aeon May 25, 2009
The act of taking a shit while holding yourself up on the top of a bathroom stall.
He surprised us by doing an air dump!
by KiaSessha April 14, 2006
One's act of crouching from a standing position and moving up and down, usually while dancing, to simulate shitting in mid air.
"Oh look, that ugly broad is air dumping again"
"Have you taken an air dump today?"
by air dump express December 11, 2012
To release air loudly from one's anus, usually makes a flubbery resonating sound.
Dude, I took an air dump on Nicole last night, haha serves that bitch right.
by Zack Alv March 25, 2008
The act of releasing gas. Also known as farting, passing gas, blowing a stinky, etc.
Chelsea: Ew. What's that smell?
Ellen: HA HA HA
by Iliketoeatsoup June 22, 2011
When your fart smells like you shit in the air
Elaine: "What's that smell?"

Gary: "Joe took an airdump!"
by pingpong88 September 04, 2010
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