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A lazy-tongued way of saying "all right."
"Hey, what's going on?"

by Sean Brian Kirby October 30, 2004
33 37
ok, coo, all right
aiight coo
by geoff March 10, 2003
207 42
all right
Aiight, then.
by Anonymous December 09, 2002
99 32
A lazy way of saying 'Alright'. Usually a term used by gangsters and/or Americans. Same meaning as okay, alright, fine etc.
Guy#1: Hey man, how you doin'?
Guy#2: I'm aiight.

Guy#1: How abouts we meet up tonight for some drinks?
Guy#2: Aiight dawg, sounds good.
by aLittleRayOfSunshine December 20, 2005
95 63
all right(put in white form)
-I think it was started in El Paso, but I might be mistaken...
-Kurt Moyer likes to give people the strawberry shortcake and the angry dragon, but he likes to recieve it more.
"Hey Jill, do you want a dirty sanchez?"
"well," Jill said with a little hesitation.."Aiight, I guess..."
by Jack Officers. April 28, 2008
17 18
Although similar to the term "aight", "Aiight" (with two "i's") is the more-gangster and more-scene version. using "aiight" makes you more of an idividual and very much so puts you in higher G status.
Diandra- "DUDE! Meet me in five!"
Gina- "Aiight G."
by Gina. December 30, 2008
7 9
The cool kid way of spelling 'aight.' It means the same thing, though. Just the ghetto/lazy way of saying 'alright.'
I'll talk to you later, aiight?
by Alexandria P-Z. October 06, 2007
14 17