A lazy-tongued way of saying "all right."
"Hey, what's going on?"

by Sean Brian Kirby October 30, 2004
Top Definition
ok, coo, all right
aiight coo
by geoff March 10, 2003
A lazy way of saying 'Alright'. Usually a term used by gangsters and/or Americans. Same meaning as okay, alright, fine etc.
Guy#1: Hey man, how you doin'?
Guy#2: I'm aiight.

Guy#1: How abouts we meet up tonight for some drinks?
Guy#2: Aiight dawg, sounds good.
by aLittleRayOfSunshine December 20, 2005
Although similar to the term "aight", "Aiight" (with two "i's") is the more-gangster and more-scene version. using "aiight" makes you more of an idividual and very much so puts you in higher G status.
Diandra- "DUDE! Meet me in five!"
Gina- "Aiight G."
by Gina. December 30, 2008
all right(put in white form)
-I think it was started in El Paso, but I might be mistaken...
-Kurt Moyer likes to give people the strawberry shortcake and the angry dragon, but he likes to recieve it more.
"Hey Jill, do you want a dirty sanchez?"
"well," Jill said with a little hesitation.."Aiight, I guess..."
by Jack Officers. April 28, 2008
The cool kid way of spelling 'aight.' It means the same thing, though. Just the ghetto/lazy way of saying 'alright.'
I'll talk to you later, aiight?
by Alexandria P-Z. October 06, 2007
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