aiight is simply a cooler way to say alright and its shoorter to pronounce = aaijt
Bobby: Hey max get out of here
Max: Aiight
by charlie hell lundstedt June 06, 2007
i'm aiight
how r u?
by jojo October 23, 2003
A word that is used by everyone, including your boyfriend.
Aiight, i'll be there in a second.
by Bob August 05, 2003
something to potent for a small white girl such as myself too be throwing around be used in sparatic proportions, nothing to casual

when said, drag out the double i's in a sloping manner, it enhances the experience
*timidly looks around left and right in darting glances until scene is clear*

"yeah last night was just AIIGHT"
by CouRtney June 04, 2004
a silicone based sealant used to edge the bath or sink.
'That's all aiight'
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
a word eaning the equivilant of goodbye
Person 1: Are you going downstairs or up?
Person 2: DOwnsatirs
Person 1: Aiight Dawg
They Part Ways
by Mrs.Kidd March 16, 2004

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