adj : nonstandard usage adv 1: reinforces an assertion, as in "that's aight"
syn: all right, no-doubt,cool 2: sentence-initial expression of agreement syn: very well, fine, all right, OK 3: (informal) in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do aight"; "He did aight!"; (`aight' is a nonstandard variant of `all right') syn: okay, O.K., cool, all right
"that's aight"
by john L November 11, 2003
A word used to confirm your subscription to the Urban Word of the Day by Urban Dictionary. It is a pronunciation of a less edgy syllable form of alright.
Retarded boy: "Unggh abbuba lallou ikki uoo."
Black guy: "Aight."
by LWxxDark Wolf December 19, 2008
Originally referring to the australian way to say 'alrite', meanwhile gotten more and more popular in the US too. Especially introduced to the US by african-americans and surfer-dudes.
American: Dude, u gonna come surfing the mavs later?
Aussie: Aight mate, sounds like a plan.
by Stiffmeister January 10, 2005
slang for alright
often used out of context
A: How you doin?
B: Aight


See ya later aight
by clarkent September 19, 2004
From the word alright. The term 'alright', as well as meaning to 'be alright' can also be interpreted as another way of saying 'hello' or 'how are you?' (esp. in Ireland)
A (walking along the street): "Aight!"
B (on the other side of the road): "Aight Boyo, any craic?"
by spudmurf2k January 02, 2005
Shortened version of "alright". Popular on the west coast in recent years even though you can hear it in the 1990 comedy of "Jeff Foxworthy", in his CD "You Might Be A Redneck If..."
Keep your pants tied securely under your long t-shirt, or else you might trip and embarass yourself, 'aight?
by Thomas May 13, 2004
shortened version for people who are too lazy to say "all right"
Aight, cut the shit.
by Chris LaRocca April 04, 2008
Urban and popular way of saying all right.
person: Yo wanna hit the clubs later?

other person: Aight so i'll call you.
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
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