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Aight is generally used as a short version of Alright.

1: Alright
2: Ok
Person: I'm going out, wanna come?
Person2: Aight

Person: What you think of this shirt?
Person2: It's aight
by Matty ov Wigan August 05, 2005
Uneducated fools word for alright
Leave my mama out of this, aight!!
by JPH July 25, 2003
Slang for Alright.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm aight"
by LadyJ84 June 03, 2009
short for "alright" "okay" forsure"
when Allen Iverson cut off his corn rows he was shocked, but said it would be "aight" in a couple of weeks
by twilighter97 February 18, 2009
Meaning YES, SURE, OKAY, ALRIGHT. (another word for alright, mainly)
Person 1- Let's go to the buffet.

Person 2- Aight.
by V is ME December 06, 2008
response to everything
Guy1: that music video was so dank
Guy2: aight (or it was aight)

Guy1: Yo
Guy2: aight

Girl: You want to do it right now
Guy: aight
by Roger Federer March 07, 2012
short for alright . or iight . as in okay .
joe : yo come to my crib at 8

marco : aight nigga .
by vcookies911 December 10, 2008