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In the beginning days of the telephone 'Ahoy hoy' was the standard greeting when one answered the phone. It was later replaced by 'hello' and then 'who dis?'. Mr Burns revived this old greeting in the Simpsons.
Ahoy hoy.

It is that simple, you should try it some time.
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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Ahoy hoy was previously a term to greet or get the attention of small sloop-rigged coasting ship or a heavy barge used for freight.

Ahoy = Hello (in Dutch)
Hoy = A small sloop-rigged coasting ship or a heavy barge used for freight

In the 1870's, inventor and Scottish born Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Bell's preferred salutation, Ahoy-hoy was derived from the nautical term above.

It really gained popularity when Mr. Burns used it on the Simpsons a few seasons ago, but the internet has adapted it for use as a common greeting. It's commonly spelled Ahoi hoi online.
When answering a phone or greeting someone:

"Ahoy hoy!"
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by NewGotham June 03, 2006
Another Word for Hi, Greetings, Whats up.....
Good Day
Whats up?
How is it going?

Best used on it own.
Correct: Walk into room 'AHOYHOY'
Incorrect: Walk into room 'AHOYHOY' steve
#hi #hello #greetings #good day #how is it going? #whats up?
by Toni M August 07, 2006
An ancient expression used principally by Mr. Burns on the Simpsons. The greeting originated as a mix between "Hello" and "Yoo-hoo!" in the monasteries of Scandanavia, when the Catholic priests would see a young boy outside the walls.
Monk 1: Look at that Svendelgaal!
Monk 2: Why I'll be Svendened! A ripe young lad outside the walls! Ahoy-hoy!
by Cedric July 12, 2004
Standard response to ahoy
Ahoy hoy
by Martin December 10, 2002
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