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(abbrev.) American Hockey League, the farm system for the NHL.
$50 bucks to see the Broons? I can pay $15 to see the IceCats play the Lock Monsters in the AHL.
by KazamaSmokers April 07, 2005
27 11
Always have link/ always haff lynk.
Often used on MSN/ Windows Live.
Person 1: How do I swear in Japanese?
Person 2: http://www.insults.net/html/swear/japanese.html
Person 1: Thanks!
Person 2: AHL, baby.
by Heliotropex December 31, 2008
6 5
Aly's nickname. This nickname came about when aly babysat a kid who couldn't say her name. He said 'ahl' instead.
I want the preciouses of Ahl.
I heart Ahl.
If you pronounce Ahl as 'all' you are a whitey.
by Ehm January 12, 2004
9 9
AHL- Ass hole lickable. To lick ones anus. A compliment given to someone who is attractive.
Damm that Megan Fox is gorgeous, shes definately AHL.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 06, 2009
6 8
Ass Hole Licker
Craig Torpey
by bill fowler November 24, 2003
2 5
Action Half-Life

Mod for Valve's "Half-Life" where you play a movie star in an action movie.
I was playing Counter-Strike, when it occured to me that I would much rather be playing AHL.
by cyrax May 29, 2004
4 10
The name of a language created by Ahl & Ehm where you replace vowel sounds in words with 'ahl'.
I heart ahl of Ahl. (I heart all of Ahl)
You tAHLk too mAHLch. (You talk too much)
I love the preciAHLses. (I love the preciouses)
I'm so interestAHLd. (I'm so interested)
by Ehm January 14, 2004
11 17