Someone who does not think there is enough evidence to prove or disprove God's existence. It's a valid viewpoint.

Some people say agnostics can't make up their mind or do their research on what to believe. I did my research on different religions and philosphical beliefs, and I made up my mind. And now I'm an agnostic. Deal with it.

Oh, and agnosticism isn't weak atheism. Atheism is believing that there is no God. You can be an agnostic athiest - one who doesn't believe in God. You can an agnostic deist - one who believes in a higher power. What you believe is different from what you know.
An agnostic is someone who does not think there is enough evidence to prove or disprove God's existence.
by The-Ventriloquist July 22, 2010
A person that doesn't believe in anything. They don't know if God does or doesn't exist, and they don't let it bother them.

Contrary to some of the other bullshit definations on here, they aren't indicisive cowards or pussies. Don't let some fuckhead convince you otherwise.
Since there's not enough proof either way, I'm happy being agnostic
by Anonymous April 03, 2004
"I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure - that is all that agnosticism means."

- Clarence Darrow

A: Are you agnostic?
B: Yeah.
A: Any good quotes about it?
B: Yeah, Clarence Darrow made a very intelligent statement regarding agnosticsm.
by Jack Townshend October 29, 2006
Someone who would like proof of God before devoting their whole life to him/her, but acknowledges that there is a possibility God exists. They often believe that people who state either 'yes' or 'no' are too close-minded.
An agnostic does not have proof that God exists. They look for it, but more often than not never find it.
by Dana September 27, 2003
One who believes that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Meaning that theres no evidence god DOES exist but theres no evidence god DOESNT exist. Agnostics aren't brainwashed like catholocs or christans
Thank Jesus,Moses,Xenu,Budha that im an Agnostic.
by zeos October 19, 2006
1. A person who cannot prove, nor disprove, the esistance of a god. Often, an agnostic is more open-minded to the beliefs of others while not discrediting them for their beliefs.

Usually does not consider themself an atheist, due to the fact that atheists actually believe in something-- i.e., there is no god.

2. One who does not participate in religion.
Larry is an agnostic.
by ObiGabe August 16, 2006
Refering to a person who believes you cannot prove nor disprove an ultimate reality, specificaly in deity's

Also sometimes refered to as "weak atheists" although that is incorrect.
The term 'agnosticism' was coined by Professor T.H. Huxley at a meeting of the Metaphysical Society in 1876. He defined an agnostic as someone who disclaimed both ("strong") atheism and theism, and who believed that the question of whether a higher power existed was unsolved and insoluble. Another way of putting it is that an agnostic is someone who believes that we do not know for sure whether God exists. Some agnostics believe that we can never know.

"Weak atheism" is simple scepticism; disbelief in the existence of God.
by Jen February 01, 2004
Someone who does not pretend to know what so many ignorant men are sure of.
I am an agnostic.

I am a pissed-off agnostic who doesn't like the minimum example size.
by do I have to put something here? September 13, 2004
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