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The term for a small flock of migratory birds.
Dan's beard is so large it could hold at least half an agnew.
by yggd December 06, 2011
A Term referring to any thing that could be considered crude,sexual,disturbing, and/or of body fluids.
Example #1
Today at work, Ben got agnew all over his face, he should of wore his safety goggles.

Example #2
Alex got sent to the principals office after showing his pet agnew during show and tell.
by Alex Agnew August 21, 2007
To "Agnew" is to laugh at a private joke, which you are not part of.

Different uses:
To agnew, to have agnewed, to be an agnew, epic agnew

Sam: Remember that time me and you were in Mikes car and rolled up on that dude and that underaged girl making love?"
Oli: hahaha, we weren't afraid to hit people in the face
Rob: hahahaha
Sam: Rob, you just pulled a total agnew
by Maniacman90 April 26, 2009

Spiro Agnew was VP under Nixon until resigning in the wake of a criminal indictment. After Nixon resigned due to Watergate, Agnew naturally became a follow on joke when someone used the word "Nixon" when referring to taking a shit or a bowel movement.
A: "I gotta take a Nixon".

B: "Don't forget to wipe your Agnew".
by Vipedog1 August 31, 2010
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