A vicious type of Saber-toothed hunchback that inhabits the Ural Mountains. While this is its native habitat Aggys have been known to live outside of Europe even in Australia. One such Aggy was discovered by a famous ex-KGB spy and master of disguise Ryksvell Fyttsgerrg while using the alias Guy Burnside (whereupon he did remark in his video diary "very strange to see Aggy outside Russia will study habits of such an anomily but in meantime continue pretending to be Australian child). As is the cunning nature of an Aggy it had worn down its sabre-teeth and used the pseudonym 'eggy' to diguise it's true nature and fit into a human society. The Aggy is well know throughout eastern Europe for its ferocity and habit of living in caves and being covered in a thin layer of fur. If confronted by an Aggy under no circumstances fight it unprepared as the only way to kill one is with a chiropractor through the heart.
Ryksvell Fyttsgerrg: my god a real Aggy, in Australia?
Eggy (clever hunch disguise for Aggy): wft are you talking about you retard
Ryksvell Fyttsgerrg: very clever Aggy, i'll get you one day
by Hunchyb May 25, 2010
A student who wears a cowboy hat, wears a John Deere hat, wears cowboy boots, lives on a farm or ranch, drives a pick-up truck, chews tobacco, regularly attends rodeos, knows every Larry the Cable Guy joke, participates in FFA or 4-H, takes several agriculture-based classes, and/or has a Southern accent.

Note: Showing one or two of these traits does not necessarily classify one as a full-on aggy. Such a person would be considered to have aggy under- or overtones.

Etymology: "Aggy" is short for "agricultural".
Holy schnaps! Did you see that aggy entering the Toby Keith concert?!
by Scuba Pablo August 25, 2008
An offensive term coined by the Longhorns in making fun of aggie.

This word is censored on texags.com
Poor Aggy!
by CorporationX May 25, 2004
adj; used to describe foodstuffs that have gone bad and are emitting a significantly noxious odour.

Combining the terms aggressive and eggy to nail the vile moment of smelling off food.
'what's the milk like Dave?'

'that's rank...it's gone aggy.'
by Ceejayy September 29, 2007
Someone in the UK who wears jack wills, abercrombie and fitch, uggs, pearls (if your a girl, maybe if your a boy too, if thats what floats your boat) usually have quite windswept 'ive just woken up' hair, and a fair few are blonde, not many gingers that i know of. Enjoy trips to the coast where they can engage with other aggys. more often than not come from middle class families who think they are above everyone else, but a few are quite nice, not all of them are idiots.
girl: OH look its jack wills! i must get the new season 'huntington-minkleberry' gillet it would look lovely for when i ride the ponies at ascot!yes i will look super aggy!

boy: oh yes! i shall pop to abercrombie and get myself a brand spanking new hooded sweater for those chilly nights in salcombe on the beach! i shall join you in a moment!
by jodeeeeeeee February 23, 2009
Noun for getting told off. Also exclamation made by young children when a fellow classmate gets told off.
'John broke a glass and got an aggy.'


Teacher: David stop talking at the back!
Class: Aggy!!!
by Jonny192 March 26, 2007
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