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The best film ever made. Yes you will watch it. Now go, I know your dying to see the film with anticip....ation
"now i have seen the rocky horror picture show, i can die a happy man"
"rocky horror is the best film ever.. end ex"
#rocky horror #rhps #best film ever #frank n furter #columbia
by xrockmysocksx October 09, 2005
Enthusiastic expression of joy similar to "Hussar!"
*wow its my new porshe! ring a ding ding!*
#ring #a #ding #dong #hussar
by xrockmysocksx October 09, 2005
Not only ironic, but nice!
"How ironice, two old lesbians meeting"
"Ice cream with gravy! Thats just ironice!"
#ironic #nice #lesbian #meet #ice cream
by xrockmysocksx October 09, 2005
Queen's Lancashire Regiment: Regiment of the British Army. It recruits around the area Lancashire and is infamous for scandalous shannanigans during the Iraq war. There are two QLR detachments in Merseyside ACF, sometimes referred to as the Queers Lesbians and Rapists, who to this day persist in being hated, mainly for being dirty wools (woolybacks) from St. Helens where everyone is family (dirty in-breds).
"I was once in QLR... but my cap badge and beret began to stink of cheese (we wonder why haha)"
"Am a wool me from't QLR in Sernt Ellens n i wear cheese behind cap badge dornt i"
"Eee ya a load of QLRs (Queers Lesbians and Rapists)"
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005
End ex is used at the end of a sentence or statement to indicate the end of a conversation or phrase. Used in Liverpool, UK
"Ya ma's a fat whore, end ex."
"Well we're goin.. end ex."
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005
Liverpudlian slang term referring to trousers
"I like your keks lad where you get them?"
"My keks are aggy (old and weary)"
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005
When something is aggy, it is old and weary. Rather funny when used in conjunction with somebody's clothes. Opposite of shiney ( when shiney means cool and new ). Originated in Liverpool, Merseyside in 2005.
"Eeee your keks are aggy"
"State of that old whore, shes proper aggy"
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005
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