In a MMORPG or MUD refers to a mob that will attack without being provoked. Can also be used to refer to actually being attacked by such a mob.
1. Watch out, those goblins are aggro!

2. Crap! I just got aggroed by a goblin!
by Vespasian August 24, 2005
In Many MMORPG's, the extent of a monster's hate towards you. Usually gotten if you do the most damage to that monster (I.e, if you have aggro, the monster will attack you instead of the player who wasn't attacking said monster)
stoopid tank, pull aggro off me.

okay, mages focus fire with the tanks so they can pull aggro off of you easier...
by bob August 12, 2005
Short for aggravation
Your friend is too much aggro
by m-anonymous (aggro) July 22, 2009
Aggression, the attention of an aggressive force.

Used mostly in MMORPG's to denote the attention of an npc enemy.
1. Feign Death more often, you need to watch your aggro.

2. "Dude, you know that you and Evin have the same birthday?"
"Yea, it's pretty great, he draws all the aggro for birthday punches."
by Ben Berkowitz April 12, 2008
An shortened version of the term "aggravated". You hear it often used in MMORPG's as a way of telling others who the mobs are attacking. In most MMORPG's it is the duty of the Tank to keep "aggro" (having all the mobs attacking him only) so the DPS players don't have to worry about dying and the Healers don't have to worry about healing the DPS players or using AOE healing moves.
Sirkillsalot (DPS): Hey amazing, I just pulled aggro on the goblin.
Iamamazing445 (Tank): I'll come get him.
SparklezznHealzz (Healer): I don't have enough mana to heal both of you.
Sirkillsalot (DPS): I'll come to middle, just use an AOE.
SparklezznHealzz (Healer): Ugh, okay. Amazing, I need you to keep your aggro, my AOE's are weak.
Iamamazing445 (Tank): Yeah, yeah, got it sparklezz.
RandySavage001 (Tank): Guys, you're doing too much DPS, I'm having a hard time keeping aggro on the Witch Lord.
Death2BabySeals (DPS): I can help dual-tank to keep aggro off of DPS.
Biblebasher1 (Healer): Yeah, then I can focus on AOE heals, so even if you do lose aggro DPS should be safe.
Death2BabySeals (Tank): Pulling aggro now.
by Rusel Crow December 02, 2013
A term used in MMORPG's in multiple forms.

v: To provoke a mob (enemy or hostile NPC) to attack you by entering its aggro range. The aggro range (or radius) is the zone around the mob which, if entered, will cause it to attack without provocation.

n: Used to describe the attention of a mob, or its current target. In group fights, the Tank is supposed to "hold aggro" by keeping the mobs focused on him. To "have aggro" is to currently be the target of a hostile mob. Aggro is also sometimes used interchangeably with the term Threat when referring to the DPS.

I got too close to the boss and I aggro'd him by accident, so I had to bubble.


The tank couldn't hold aggro and the group wiped.

The healer has aggro. Pally, pull that aggro off the healer.

That Lock is pulling too much aggro, he needs to back off the DPS.
by Hello378 September 01, 2010
1. Short for agricultural.
2. Short for aggregate.
1. Father is an agro phile in Texas. Mother's on the bar most every night.

2. I don't want to hear the inter ludes, just tell me the aggregates. Got that? Just the aggros.

3. You need to add a lot of aggregate or you are going to run out of cement. So go heavy on the aggro
by Tommie T June 28, 2009

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