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A person who is such a faggot that they don't even need to be called the whole word.
That freaking aggot!
by AndO November 30, 2003
ball and scrotum
you have a terrible lookin pair of aggots mate
by b September 20, 2003
Australian slang for a young male taking on a stereotypical "country boy" appearance. Originated from the term "Aggy" - which in turn comes from "agriculture" and evolved to sound more derogatory. Generally a derogatory term for the way one dresses, speaks and the vehicle they drive. Aggots generally wear jeans, boots, flannelette or polo shirts, and sometimes a cowboy hat or Akubra. They speak in a country accent and drive V8 kingswood utes, and often listen to country music.
That guy is suck an aggot, look at what he's wearing. Who does he think he is hanging out at this bar?
by jrkillerk October 22, 2006
A common term used to describe deep-fried dim sims, due to their similarity in size and shape to testicles.
I'm just going up the street to grab some aggots.
by Rob Spotswood August 14, 2007
a mans balls. also can be used to describe a ball (football, bball whatever)
1) damn that kick to the aggots fucking hurt i dont know i'll be having kids any time soon
2)c'mon grab the aggot and lets go for a kick
by Lken09 November 27, 2006
an obvious homosexual who is still in the closet. the word aggot is missing the "f" because the homosexual hasn't come out of the closet yet.
jimmy: Damn Kevin is an - aggot

dan: don't you mean to say "faggot"?

jimmy: no he's an aggot he hasnt come out of the closet yet.
by onenonlycahones December 07, 2009
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