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"Agendered" describes a transgender person who does not have a gender, or lacks a gender identity.

An agender identity falls under the broader transgender category of "Genderqueer," yet unlike other more gender-fluid or third-gender categories of genderqueers (such as Androgyne, Bi/trigender, Polygender, Third gender, genderfluid etc.), an agender identity has no identification with any gender, or lacks a gender identity; Such people could be said to be gender-neutral.

Agendered people may or may not experience body dysphoria, and may or may not have or seek access to various forms of body modification (hormones, surgery, etc.). An agendered person who seeks to alter their body to be gender-neutral is frequently termed a "Neutrois" (pronounced "nu twa".) Additionally, agendered people may or may not express characteristics labeled femme or butch, but such expressions have no bearing on their gender-less identity itself.
Jesse rocks the boygrrrl androgyny, but Claude C. is agendered, totally gender-less sexiness.
by PhiPhiPhiPhiPhiPhiPhiPhiPhiPhi November 04, 2010
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