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Wtf is that ? This word means nothing. Something people use to feel cool ! It doesn't even matter in this world. So do what you like without guilt.
"What is your age Karla ?"

What is that it doesn't even matter !
by ackem22213 April 18, 2013
4 3
Assisted geriatric enclosure
Grandma went senile so we put her in an age.
by jaybee247 May 28, 2010
9 8
A term referring to an extended period or 'era' The Dark Ages, The Middle Ages etc. Implies a span of a couple hundred years at the least. Often Used as a way of exaggerating a period of time by certain dramatic individuals.
"i haven't spoken to you in ages!"
"i sent that text ages ago!"
by alwaysrightj January 12, 2010
3 3
Something that does not matter when selcting a mate.
I didn't know her age was only 12!
by BJ987 September 21, 2007
36 36
An slang way of ending various (often one-syllable) different words, to sound cool or relaxed.
"cool-age", "foodage", "'rentage", etc
by kt23 March 09, 2009
2 3
By adding -age to the ends of random words-age, your vocabulary and knowledge of the English language seem-age to grow-age. Adding -age makes words more fun and original.
Gab: Can you email me the lab-age that I missed tonight?

Dini: Send me some prom pic-age!
by Dini-Gab May 23, 2008
5 6
A suffix, which can be added to almost any word.

Such as "kickage", or "slayage", popularized by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I think that guy in class deserves much kickage.
by 5by5 July 03, 2005
10 12