Accronym for: All Good
AG - Aye Gee
You: Hey man, you ok?
Me: yea man, im AG
by relaxXx111 October 15, 2010
'ag means fag. It is a way of subtly saying fag to someone or calling someone a fag to their face or while they walk by without them hearing you. If they hear you and ask what you said you can say it was a cough or a differnt word.
Trav: Hey Rodney.... 'ag
Rodney: Excuse me Travis?
Trav: I said hey.
Rodney: Oh, ok. Hi.
Trav: FAG!
Rodney: *Whimpers, cries and runs off*
by Trav388 December 09, 2008
a G
a gallon, ussally used when talking about gas
With gas at $3.50 a G I dont know if we can go to Flordia like we wanted.
by Shandman January 19, 2011
Short for "agony". Used to describe a atsk or person that is extremely boring to watch.
"How's Jamie getting on at cricket?"

"He's scored 5 runs in 40 overs, it's pure ag."
by taytrain November 30, 2011
1) Periodic symbol for silver.
2) The sound a woman makes when she attempts to deepthroat a penis that is much too large for her mouth.
by Crackazz Cracka February 07, 2003
The acronym for "all good"
Hey, don't sweat it, it's AG!
by Irregular Joe June 04, 2006
Short for Assemblies of God a pentecostal Church definition. The Assemblies of God is based out of Springfield Missouri and they believe in the active work and filling of the Holy Spirit
I went to Evangel which is an A/G denomination
by DMH79 May 30, 2005

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