The act of smokings 2 cigarettes one immediately after another. Often shared between 2 friends before a shift in work. A true male bonding experience.
"Here man, you coming out the back for a doubler?"

"Aw dude, I felt fantastic after that doubler we had earlier."
by ThePolishMassive February 17, 2010
Someone who comments on facebook two times before you even get a chance to read the first comment.
Mike Hunt won't fucking stop with his doubler antics on my wall, what an asshole.
by billbo778 November 03, 2009
Not good, not bad. Just like Ray Romano (ie Double R), nobody hates it nobody loves it. It's just kinda "whatever".
"Hey man, don't you just love pretzels?" "I don't know, they're pretty double R to me."
by vr731 November 29, 2007
acronym for red rum used as a description for a future murderer
That dude is definitly going to double r a police station some day.
by Rum72 October 18, 2012
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