Alternate spelling of the word Agg. A word that kids from the OC use because they are too Ag to say "cool". The word Ag can be used to replaces pretty much any slang, for example: cool, awesome, badass, sweet, and even some negative words like shit, fuck, or damn it.
"We're getting pizza? Oh, Ag! I love pizza! Pizza is so Ag!"
or on the negative side, "Ag me, the pizza place is closed." and "The pizza place is closed all next week? Oh Ag."
by WestCoastLisa May 31, 2006
the abbrevation for Adolecent Girl, as in a teenager.
Amanda Bynes is an AG
by VerucaKrueger April 13, 2004
All Good.
I went to the doctor yestetday, and everything was AG.
by Savage Beast 88 October 24, 2013

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