The calm, light-headed sensation after an earth-shattering orgasm has occured. This typically is accompanied by a tingling sensitivity triggered by the return of blood flow to all organs and extremities.
My aftergasm last night was wunderbar.
by c0x November 22, 2006
After the finale of a reality show, the gossip and tell all show that is aired, anticipated
in particular, the 2009 "The Bachelor"- What happened in the Fantacy Room? Or, who DID Jason have sex with? Will have to wait and watch the Aftergasm
by suzy2que February 19, 2009
the semen that comes out of the penis shortly after ejaculation occurs.
dammit! i thought i got it all but i forgot about the aftergasm! now my boxers are wet. fuck.
by johann 'tits' mcgee September 22, 2008
The rememberance of something so mind blowingly awesome that you get a momentary relapse of the initial sensation.
After seeing Dark Knight I had multiple aftergasms thinking about how awesome it was.
by cte July 23, 2008
V. After having a particularly terrible orgasm, all you do is enjoy the part after it.
Adam: She was so bad in bed I had an aftergasm.
by someone20852035235 August 16, 2008

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