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ncie nd charming. always ready 2 help
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
1. One who every one desires. 2. The fulfillment of everyones dreams. 3. A Savior sent from heaven.
Have you seen an afsheen?
by Afsheen March 25, 2004
I am Afsheen The Kameleon or Animonkey that lives in NC and is in the Ruff Aiders.
Afsheen doesn't like being called Afsheen. Call me A or K. Or Kameleon.
by Kameleon August 23, 2003
The evil si.. wait he's all evil.. This is Animonkey. I'm gonna kill all of y'all!!! Hi Mr. Waters...
What the fuck? Example? Shut your goddamn mouth fucka!
by Animonkey January 21, 2003
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