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6 definitions by Kameleon

Too hack. see hax0r
omg i'm hax0ring teh white house
by Kameleon January 23, 2003
Hello I want to talk to Harbinder. Harbinder lives in New York and drives a Taxi cab. He's going to fuck your sister man...
Hello I want to talk to Harbinder.
by Kameleon October 20, 2003
Also known as BIG K for obvious reasons... He is a rapper that lives in North Carolina. He is usually found at K-Mart, but also dwells around SouthPoint Mall. A Ruff Aider.
Yo man, where did Kameleon go? It's like he disappeared into that wall.
by Kameleon July 24, 2004
This is the man J. Spitting ryhmes all the time. Ruff Aiders! Eat or die!
Jadacris is a guy that lives in the place thet is there.
by Kameleon July 24, 2004
I am Afsheen The Kameleon or Animonkey that lives in NC and is in the Ruff Aiders.
Afsheen doesn't like being called Afsheen. Call me A or K. Or Kameleon.
by Kameleon August 23, 2003