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Abbrviation for always, forever and seriously.
I love you, afs!
I will be here for you afs.
by Freo April 17, 2007
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American Field Service (AFS) is the best worldwide exchange organization. Students can travel all over the world, meet people from other countries and learn new cultures. After their foreign exchange year they still can voluntary work at AFS. The organization is also known for their energizers.
People from AFS are always crazy, awesome, friendly, openminded, wonderful,... people.

AFS is one big family.
Student1: Hey, have you heard of AFS?
Student2: Yeah, AFS is awesome! And afser are wonderful people. I've heard they're doing some crazy energizers.
Student1: I want to go on an exchange with AFS. The organization is the best one worldwide.
Student2: Same here. The foreign exchange year will be the best year of my life.
by lola18 January 06, 2014
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An acronym for the condition of Absent Father Syndrome which plagues and motivates many promiscuous adolescent females. A Young teenage female suffering from AFS will have sex with almost any guy to fill the void, her runaway, diseased or drunk father had created in her life. In their desperate attempt to find a masculine figure in their life, girls suffering AFS will at times appear slutty, desperate, pathetic and worst of all, date and and have sex with stupid ass hats. AFS victims usually themselves become depressed alcoholics, or frequent drug abusers.
Question: How the fuck did Pizza face Andy hook up with that really hot girl?
Answer: She has a bad case of AFS.
by john bryer April 18, 2008
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A sad exchange program for sad students who want to go to foriegn countries and bang foriegn girls then go back home and pretend they are cultured. Thanks AFS =)
When you go to a foriegn country with the sole purpose of getting laid non stop and experience new pink tacos.
by Horny March 07, 2005
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Alpha Female Syndrome; Being in a situation when you're hitting on a girl but her friend is an alpha female, thusly cockblocking you and stifling any chance you had of getting laid.
ex 1:
Guy 1: I was talking to Sara and it was going great, but Betty came along interrogated me, then made Sara and the rest of the girls at the party leave.

Guy 2: Dude, that's a shitty case of AFS

ex 2:
Guy: So hey, do you want to head back to my place?

Girl 1: Sure, sounds good

Girl 2: Hey guys, I think I remember you, do you remember my name?

Guy; Umm, I don't think we met but..

Girl 2; No? Hey Jenna, let's go home. we're leaving. now.

Guy: That bitch gave me a one-way ticket to blue balls. Fuckin' AFS
by ukechaos January 02, 2009
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Asian fuck slut or asian fuck sluts

An attractive asian female who looks prommiscuous or acts promiscuously
Did you see all the AFS at the party.

I'm going to find an AFS tonight
by Rugger J October 13, 2005
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after finals sex
Tyler- "Gina, will u be my AFS?"

Gina- "What's that?"

Tyler- "After finals sex ;)"

Esther- "Oh shit, I already scheduled my AFS"
by estadakangsta72 December 15, 2010
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