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(verb) to assume a role you were never meant to have
Keanu Reeves really afflecked 'The Matrix'
by TwiggyRules September 04, 2013
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...was the bomb in Phantoms.
Word, bitch, Phantoms like a mo'fucker!
by Luke February 24, 2005
to completely screw up. to ruin ones life. to make a really bad decision.
see also screwed
i afflecked my car when i ran a red light and a truck hit me.
i afflecked my reputation by dating a dumb fat whore
by jim July 23, 2003
ruin/upset/mess up see also screwed
oh no i afflecked myself by marrying a publicity seeking fat assed ho'. this marriage wont last a year..
by john August 21, 2003
Being most whipped, possibly in all the land
Once I saw that dude bring his bitch to ball with his boys, it was then that I knew he's Afflecked for life, jigger
by --Kev April 21, 2004

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