A combination of the words dork and adorable. An overly intellectual person who is nerdy, dorky and a bit geeky but in an adorable and endearing way that becomes desirable. It's meant to be a compliment.

General examples from tv would be the character's 'Ross' from "Friends", 'Jim' from "The Office", and for obvious reasons 'Chuck'. It is Steve Jobs, Conan O'Brien, Chuck Klosterman, Malcolm Gladwell, and Rachel Maddow. John Cusack in an 80's movie. An extreme example is Woody Allen depending on how old he was when he starred in the film you are watching.

The ratio of adorkability rises when said nerd/geek becomes successful in business and switches from glasses to contact lenses.
"Did you see when Ross proposed to Rachel last night on "Friends"? He is so adorkable!"

"That girl over there with her hair up in a scrunchy, drinking her double mocha non fat latte and doing the NY Times crossword puzzle..is so adorkable."
by KGMAN December 15, 2008
Totally and simultaneously adorable and dorky
I can't resist that quirky nerdy girl! She's absolutley adorkable.
by EmpressTangent December 27, 2007
When something is nerdy in a super cute way.
A comment that is sweet and silly.
A person that is awkward in a goofy and amusing way.
You are incredibly adorkable, and I love you for it.
Grant, you're so adorkable, it's part of your charm.
by Mcaron9 June 05, 2007
Most Desirable Species of Female.

Warning: Adorkable females may play with colors and styles with their hair. Often. Adorkable females may not be able to walk in heels. And may think that heels are...“stupid”. Or they may not. Adorkable females may or may not have...tatoos. Make-up choices may range from nothing to "Something". Adorkable females may reference "male" oriented programming like, "Adult Swim". Adorkable females are known to be "tough" and "stubborn". Is highly intelligent, thinks for self and doesn't care what "They" think. (See "Hater" pg. 0) Has male and female friends. May be very family oriented. May have much self discipline. Or may not... Adorkable females may not like Star Wars but do not mind that you do…even if they catch species known simply as "Dork" ("Dork" see pg. 100) trying to use… “The Force”…This species of female may walk into walls while wearing sleeping masks…but will hit face-first due to over confidence of placement of one’s own objects in one’s own home. Extremely rare and to be handled with care, Adorkable species of female is what every male wants…even if he is not aware of it. A-Dor-KAH-Bull.
Melanie is so hot...she's so fucking adorkable...
by P-B June 10, 2010
A woman can also be adorkable, marrying dorkiness and adorableness in a delightful, yummy package.
"She's so adorkable, I want to be her textbook tonight!"
by crack.stew December 12, 2009
A person who has an intelligent, quirky and random personality and combines it with being adorable, cute or beautiful.

Can apply to girls, guys or couples.
by Benjamite Stewie September 24, 2009
Someone who is adorable in a dorky sort of way. Goofy and attractive at the same time.
"Joey is so adorkable when he is playing in the band."
by corockydog April 15, 2009

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