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Someone who is adorable in a dorky sort of way. Goofy and attractive at the same time.
"Joey is so adorkable when he is playing in the band."
by corockydog April 15, 2009
A term of endearment used frequently by author Judy Clement Wall to describe people and situations.
"I think those Scots are adorkable."
by bsain January 05, 2010
A cute but dork thing. Like a male or female. Can be used for the lust of a object
"God she is adorkable"
by ZombieNickthePhotographer May 23, 2010
A person who is a dork, but is also cute. Mostly directed towards males.
"Ugh, he's such a nerd."
"No, he's just adorkable."
by Athie August 29, 2008
Somebody who is dorky in an adorable way. Girls cannot resist boys who are considered "adorkable" Have been know to make girls squee and swoon over them.
"Sqeeee! How adorkable is he?!?!"

Anoop Desai, Zachary Quinto, Ron Weasley,
by Mrs.Anoop Desai May 23, 2009
Combination of adorable and dorky. The quality of being both endearing and geeky at the same time.
Girl #1: That guy with the glasses and the long hair is such a loser.
Girl #2: No he's not. I think he's just adorkable.
by Songtrees August 17, 2008
a dork thats also adorable
that girl is so adorkable
by timsterpimpster August 01, 2008