Most Desirable Species of Female.

Warning: Adorkable females may play with colors and styles with their hair. Often. Adorkable females may not be able to walk in heels. And may think that heels are...“stupid”. Or they may not. Adorkable females may or may not have...tatoos. Make-up choices may range from nothing to "Something". Adorkable females may reference "male" oriented programming like, "Adult Swim". Adorkable females are known to be "tough" and "stubborn". Is highly intelligent, thinks for self and doesn't care what "They" think. (See "Hater" pg. 0) Has male and female friends. May be very family oriented. May have much self discipline. Or may not... Adorkable females may not like Star Wars but do not mind that you do…even if they catch species known simply as "Dork" ("Dork" see pg. 100) trying to use… “The Force”…This species of female may walk into walls while wearing sleeping masks…but will hit face-first due to over confidence of placement of one’s own objects in one’s own home. Extremely rare and to be handled with care, Adorkable species of female is what every male wants…even if he is not aware of it. A-Dor-KAH-Bull.
Melanie is so hot...she's so fucking adorkable...
by P-B June 10, 2010
Top Definition
Both dorky and adorable. A higher state of being all dorks strive towards.
That dork is so adorkable I could just hug him till I die.
by Insufficient Postage February 09, 2006
The best kind of guys! A guy that is a nerd, but in a very cute/adorable way that is very attractive. They are not afraid to be themselves and are usually very sweet, smart, and have the best sense of humor once you get to know them. Best of all, they know how to treat a girl well and appreciate her. Plus, they are really good to have around when the computer breaks :)
I love my boyfriend because he is so adorkable!
by _Amanda November 25, 2007
Simply adorable but in the utmost dorky way. Cute. Silly. Funny. Spiff.
Oh that AnGie is SO adorkable!
by Miss AnGie January 19, 2003
Cute and dorky
Justine and Steve are so adorkable!
by xthree April 17, 2004
1. Any male who is considered nerdy:: thick rimmed glasses, unique style, smart:: by most people; yet girls secretly want. No explination of this unorthodox event has been found.
2. Dorky yet strangly adorable.
3. An uncommon occurance where a nerd develops either good looks or a sense of confidence that makes girls (and some guys) swoon over their presence.
4. An emo boy who uses the brainy look as a sense of style but does so in an attractive way.
Girl to best friend: *Shaun* is kinda dorky... i sort of like him though... but dont tell anyone ok?
Best friend to girl: are you serious? hes a total nerd!
Girl to best friend: hes adorable.
Best friend to girl: you mean aDORKable.
Girl to best friend: *sighs* yeah i do... but thats what makes him so great.
by alicia_marie April 14, 2005
Someone who is a dork but in an adorable manner.
I think that accountant from H&R Block is adorkable.
by abba92 September 04, 2006
When someone is a nerdy and cute at the same time.
That geek from IT with the glasses and the hot body is so adorkable.
by freeranger April 21, 2007
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