A person or animal that looks (and acts) very sweet, kind and cute. The image of adorable on a person is big blue or brown eyes and any length brown hair. Blonde hair is slutty or hot(yes there is a difference)ginger is gothic or nerdy and black hair is gothic or mysterious..

(all these are meant for girls)

I love big blue eyes on a girl its so adorable :D
"When I look into her adorable blue, puppy dog eyes I feel like i've melted inside"

She looked up at him with her adorable blue eyes and he immediantly felt guilty for nothing.

The two best friends looked almost exactly alike! Big adorable eyes and soft brown hair.
by A guy who loves music :) January 12, 2010
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Irresistibly charming, sweet,funny, and just totally cute in a way that makes you sigh.
Jeff is the most adorable guy ever!
by xxooxxooxxoo September 14, 2007
1. Humayrah
2. Describes someone who behaves with a certain irresistable charm.
My gf is so adorable.
by sakred April 19, 2004
an adjective to describe something or someone incredibly cute, charming, fetching and delightful.

something or someone that is to be adored.
wesley, you are adorable!
"don't argue with me on this one."
by seltzer_cola@hotmail.com January 07, 2008
Someone that makes you go "aww" because they are just so darn cute
Charleigh Walker is fucken adorable.
by Gladiator092493 May 03, 2009
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