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That word every guy hates to be called.
George hates it when Carmen calls him adorable.
by George H November 21, 2006
293 222
Irresistibly charming, sweet,funny, and just totally cute in a way that makes you sigh.
Jeff is the most adorable guy ever!
by xxooxxooxxoo September 14, 2007
675 181
1. Humayrah
2. Describes someone who behaves with a certain irresistable charm.
My gf is so adorable.
by sakred April 19, 2004
605 289
charming; cute; wanting to pinch
christine is so adorable
by Sarah Lee February 16, 2005
551 303
very attractive or delightful; charming
Drew and Shawn are adorable.
by Sheaaa March 24, 2007
317 151
an adjective to describe something or someone incredibly cute, charming, fetching and delightful.

something or someone that is to be adored.
wesley, you are adorable!
"don't argue with me on this one."
by seltzer_cola@hotmail.com January 07, 2008
256 117
Someone that makes you go "aww" because they are just so darn cute
Charleigh Walker is fucken adorable.
by Gladiator092493 May 03, 2009
165 70