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An absolute gift from god that lets a small sample of people have the ability to actually see this generations version of "normal" for the mundane bullshit it is. If it was for people like this, its likely the word would stay put, and advancments in science and art would never happen. Usally a person with ADHD already "gets" wtf a teacher is saying 2 minutes into her elementary boring ass lesson, and their brains branch to deeper thoughts that need answering, vice the simple bullshit that is still, and will continue to come of her mouth for the next 5 days.
Teacher: O.K. class so today where going to learn a deep and interesting subject about the solar system. So we have all the planets, around the sun.....

*While the rest of the class wrestles to grasp this simple shit*

Timmy's ADHD mind: How do we know that, who said so, whats stopping us from going there, who found this out, Hubble telescope? How do we know that pictures are the same in space as they are on the planet. How much funding does NASA get?

Teacher: Timmy why don't you sit and pay attention, raise your hand, and do you work quietly like the rest of the class.

Timmy: Well Ma'am, if I was as stupid as the rest of these idiots I would, and if you weren't as stupid as you are, you'd give me somethin TO ACUALLY LEARN.
by CACAHRIS December 16, 2008

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