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ADeadHeart is an internet radio DJ for "Radio KOL" ( and a player on the mmorg "Kingdom of Loathing" ( She is also known as ADH, ADeadHorse, and ADrunkHeart. Her radio shows consists of a wide variety of music, ranging from southern rock, nerdcore, and women in music (Tori Amos, Loreena McKinneitt, Sarah McLachlan, etc). She has a deep sexy voice with a slight southern accent, and will occasionally sing along with the songs she plays. Her favorite things are orange cupcakes, Cheetos, Apple Pucker, and her daughter, who goes by the handle Amythest.
ADeadHeart is on the air!
by Grimdel January 15, 2007
Noun; Someone who makes your pants somehow fall to the floor without your knowledge followed by a sudden feeling of tension and release in your groinal.

Verb; The act of listening to a Radio KoL dj without pants and swooning over a sultry voice.
"God damn I just adeadhearted all over my keyboard."
"This adeadheart sure makes me lose control of myself."
"There's an adeadheart in here!! Guard your pants!!"
by OFTHEHILLPEOPLE January 16, 2007
1. Best DJ On Radio KoL, the best radio station in the god damn world.
2. Scary woman who gets people to suck her dick.
3. 28 Year old woman, with an insane amount of awesomeness running through her blood.
The President of the United States is the opposite of ADeadHeart, as he is not awesome, nor a woman, nor does he get people to suck his dick.
by Tom Paris January 16, 2007
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