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Adam Mitchel Lambert-
Born Jan. 29, 1982
Singer, actor.
American Idol 2009 runner up.
Famous For:
-Black malepolish
-Tight pants
-Rings and other jewelry and accessories

-Black hair w/ blue streaks
-Amazing vocals and "screams"
-Being homosexual
-Not winning American Idol because that's just retarded.

Synonyms: the best thing ever
Antonyms: Danny Gokey
Adam Lambert is frikken amazing. America has mental problems since they didn't vote him to win.
by pomizzle June 22, 2009
A badass mother fucker. The ultimate HBIC. One half of the most epic OTP ever, Kradam. Glamazon.

Ultimately, he's about ten trillion times as fierce as you'll ever be.

He's also sparked the newest sexuality trend of the season: Adamsexual. Jump on that bandwagon. You know you want to.

Synonyms: Orgasm/Adamgasm, Head Bitch in Charge, Glitter, Win
Antonyms: Gtfokey, Lose
Adam Lambert made Simon Cowell go gay, bench.
by glitterfuck July 22, 2009
The sexiest man on the face of the earth that about 50% of the women population and 35.7% of men population is obsessed with.
girl: do you see adam lambert over there?
friend of girl: yah. hes the sexiest man on earth.
by barbiegirlx123 December 21, 2009
Crack in black leather.
Adam Lambert is the new 'it' boy for for bisexuality. (Give it time...)
by Craic November 28, 2009
The gay American Idol contestant who will be straight as an arrow after I get through with him ;)
Adam Lambert can serenade me anyday.
by LOL DANIELLE April 22, 2009
Proper noun: A Powerful and Playful, Sexy Male Entertainer, desired by men and women of all ages. Like a Jaguar, fast, dangerous and extravagant. Leather jackets, boots and belts – tuxes, suits, silk shirts, silk ties, snakeskin and bare skin, delicately hirsute, with provocative gloves leaving the “come hither” fingers loose and free, sparkling with gems and available for all manner of adventure. Fondler and occasional fellator of mics, kisses boys and girls. Unzips his soul, and more. The most provocative, multi-talented artist today, and he can saaang.
I'm a straight man and I can't get him out of my mind. Does that make me gay?" "No hon, we are all gay for Adam Lambert.
by JuneauXena April 13, 2011
HOTTTT!!!!! (which is a lot coming from a 13 yr old girl) adam lambert has got to be the hottest most talented singer out there. my favorite song of his is For Your Entertainment, and yes, he can sing like that live ( if you saw him at the AMAs then you might not think so, but i would enjoy seeing you sing amazingly well while running around with like one thousand people watching you in all black with VERY hot lights beating down on you.)
adam lambert is AMAZING =)
by your faces moms foots uncle July 10, 2010