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Crack in black leather.
Adam Lambert is the new 'it' boy for for bisexuality. (Give it time...)
by Craic November 28, 2009
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the nicest and funniest gentleman on american idol season 8 with and awesome voice and amazing smile. He tries to spice a song up by just adding his own style into it.
Host:"did you google yourself this week?"

Adam Lambert:"yes i did... it's all about the singing, nothing else"

contestant:"don't you dare laugh at me."

adam lambert: "i'm not laughing at you. i'm laughing with you"
by 14yearsyoungerthanadamlambert April 07, 2009
2069 560
The best male vocalist I have ever heard in my whole entire life. Incrediable. Shocking. True. New. Born star. Role Model. Celebrity. Singer. The next American Idol.
Person 1:

Did you hear adam lambert last night? His voice gives me chills.

Person2: Yeah I know! if he doesn't win, amnerica is wack.
by emmahlay May 13, 2009
1645 443
An extreamly bangable contestant from american idol. Often seen wearing nail polish and guyliner, and is unfortunately gay. -sob-
Adam lambert is so sexy and bangable, I wish he wasn't gay!
by lambert4life March 23, 2009
1655 543
The ultimate HBIC.

Each time Adam sings, an angel has an orgasm. His vocals are top notch, and he has a ridiculous vocal range. Adam loves putting on a show, and that means lights, fog, glitter, lots of gyrating, guyliner, black nail polish, costumes, and other glam furnishings. The fact that he is gay is the least shocking thing about him. Basically, you wish you were as fly as this motherfucker.

On American Idol Season 8 he had a string of memorable (to say the least) performances, including Ring of Fire, Mad World, and Whole Lotta Love. He made American Idol his bitch. He also became part of the bromance of the century, Kradam.

When it comes to the Idol Tour 2009, people lost their shit when he came on stage, and critics sucked his glittery dick. People go absolutely batshit crazy over this guy; some even begin to question their sexuality, hence, the term "Adamgasm."

There are some haters. All of their arguments are invalid. Besides, Adam welcomes haters. He believes that good art causes strong reactions, whether they be positive or negative.

Adam is a "glittery alien from Planet Fierce."
"I'm going to put glitter on my eyelids, bitch," says Adam Lambert.
by Fun_Sponge July 19, 2009
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They guy with an amazing voice. He can sang Tracks of my tears to play that funky music to mad world to whole lotta love to can't get no satisfaction.
OMG! When Adam Lambert sang Mad World Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation, That has never happen before.
by Jcandy May 16, 2009
1134 457
The most amazing singer ever to live on the planet. Definitely the best Idol of All Seasons put together.♥
Adam Lambert got a standing O from Simon Cowell! What an amazing singer!
by glambert23 May 30, 2009
819 280
1.The Muffin Man who is oh so sheeeexxxxay.
2.One of the many thing that make you wanna say "ummm"
3.The best musical ARTIST ever seen on american idol.
4. The rightful American Idol, even though he's gonna be a star without it. =D
Adam Lambert looks good in tight pants.
Adam Lambert
by Bagdoingadoing. June 02, 2009
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