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The peak of one's sexual excitation caused by anything that involves Adam Lambert and his ultra sexiness.
**While staring at an ultra sexy pic of Adam** I think I'm having an Adamgasm.
by BroadwaBelter9 May 23, 2009
The high point of your excitement of listening to, thinking about, or watching Adam Lambert's uber sexiness. Like an orgasm, but better.

girl 2- I know! I get an adamgasm every time I think of him!
by Mrs.Adam.Lambert May 30, 2009
The thrill you get when you see a picture of Adam Lambert, or seeing Adam Lambert himself. Mainly seeing his eyes, body, hair, and crotch.
**Looking at Adam (or a picture) "Oooh he is so beautiful and sexy, I LOVE HIM" *Adamgasm**
by Adam"TommyJoeRatliff"Lambert October 15, 2010
Adam-gasm: An intense sexual reaction had by girls (and some guys) when watching Adam Lambert sing on American Idol
Ryan Seacrest: And now ladies and gentlemen, here's Adam Lambert, singing "I wanna sex you up"
Viewer 1: What are you gasping and moaning for???
Viewer 2: Ohhhhhhh........ I can't help it...... Ahhhhhhhhhh.... I'm having an Adam-gasm!
Viewer 1 hurridley shuts off the tv, interrupting Adams spellbinding performance and says : Young lady, it's time for us to have the TALK!

Did you see American Idol last night?
Yes. I had a major Adam-gasm when Mr. Lambert sung!
by MyCheMicALmuse April 27, 2009
When you see a picture of Adam Levine or Adam Lambert and die because of their over sexiness, you will have an orgasm. Then your ovaries explode and go "PSSSSSHHHHHHHHH"
I had an adamgasm when I saw that SEXY picture of Adam naked and then heard him sing!!!!!
by marooner222 March 05, 2013
A word used to describe the numerous gasms you get whilst staring, listening to, or thinking of Adam Levine and his ultra sexiness. See also eyegasm, eargasm and orgasm.
Dude, I watched a music video for Sunday Morning last night and I had the biggest Adamgasm ever! Adam Levine! WOO!
by Mr. Squakity February 06, 2005
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