One of the many stereotypical names for a white guy. Just like other names like Jeff, Bob, Mat, and Mike.
Bob: so what did Mike name his kid?
Jeff: well he;s white so they had to name him Adam.
by nuj dog June 09, 2010
Adam, someone who is amazing without knowing it, someone who is easy to love, someone who is truely caring. Adam is the type of person who is so forgiving and loving...Someone who is so trustworthy and reliable. You would be lucky to have him in your life, and if you ever lost him, it would break your heart. He is the best friend you could ever have and you can't help to be in love with him. He is one of the most handsome guys you will ever see in your life, no matter what he says. He is someone you can make such happy and amazing memories with, memories you will never forget. He is someone that can leave you speachless with his words.. He is someone you know you aren't good enough for, but you can't help but love him with all of your heart anyways. He has such a big heart..and great soul. He is the kind of person that deserves the best in his life, and deserves to be loved and cherished.
Adam you are amazing. loving beautiful nice trusting
by Alostperson July 30, 2012
Adam, is a wonderful person to be friends with, if you ever get the chance to date an adam STAY with him for as long as you possibly can, he will treat you right, make you feel like a princess and love you for who you are.
My boyfriend adam, calls me goregous, pretty, amazing, stunning everything i have ever wanted he is the most amazing guy i have ever met!
He complements me everytime we talk I love him to bits!
by bohner 13 September 04, 2011
a word to describe an anime nerd that hides there anime feelings in real life but expresses blatanly somewhere else e.g. internet
(what an Adam? sounds like): So today I was walking past these girls and they were singing the elfin lied theme song and I instantly recongnized it, I was sooo proud of myself
by mikesonfireeeeee June 18, 2008
a very hot guy, usually a guitarist or drummer. the nicest and funniest person out there. he'll stick up for you, and will do anything to make you happy. he's the cute, shy sort.
hes hot, and amazing at guitar/drums. duuh, its adam.
by anonamoiuytyres._____69 August 23, 2011
The most wonderful and amazing person you will ever meet, he is kind hearted and beautiful. Adam will steal your heart and look after it like it was his own child. He is fun loving, caring, and just wonderful. Once you know an Adam they will instantly mean the world to you. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting an Adam I suggest you keep them in your life. If you ever fall in love with an Adam, you will never be able to unlove him. An angel in disguise a true treasure on earth. Adam is truly perfect.
Girl 1: I know an Adam

Girl 2: Oh my god, I'm so jealous!
by purpleepanda September 30, 2012
An absolute dream boat that shall make all your wildest fantasies come true. A true bundle of complexity and a wild adventurous guy who will hold a great conversation with anyone of any crowd, up for trying new things. VERY handsome, and also a crowd pleaser.

Adam can also be sensationally intelligent and full of charm, and is capable of doing great things and taking care of things that require going to desperate measures to take care of.
Girl 1: wow this Adam guy is AMAZING
Girl 2: yeah, I'd TOTALLY have to agree his level of awesomeness is over 9000
by Anonymous Shitake Samurai April 30, 2011
A sweet last name usually pertaining to men. A man who wields this last name is usually sexy and has amazing blue eyes. They can be extremely selfish but will consider others for the most part.

Lets not forget to mention the Adams curse: a huge python in their pants.
Girl: OMG check out that sexy ass!
Other Girl: that has to be an Adams!
by B-NASTYY August 26, 2013

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