One of the best people I know. Hilarious, weird, talented, caring, emotional, and basically perfect. Someone who I love more than anything in my life, and a person who I know I can always depend upon.
I had the shittiest day of my life, but Adam made it all better.
#funny #sweet #passionate #weird #wonderful
by Someone Happy. January 18, 2010
A term used to describe a person who is, in general, an awesome person.
#sexy #awesome #pimp #beastly #sick.
by TorpedoTortoise May 23, 2009
a taco eating guy
adam likes super saucey saucey things
#cholo #cow #cunt #crabs #caca
by lamashelly July 28, 2009
The best guy ever. Great friend. Very lovable. Is completely awesome. Probably the best guy you could ever meet. Loved by most. 1,000,000 times better than Edward!
Example: You remind me of Adam.

Meaning: I think you're awesome.
#awesome #yay #lovable #boy #sweet
by Alexis... January 07, 2010
A complete beast at everything he does.... one who gets all the girls and at the end of a relationship finds a new one quickly. Adam is an amazing person, everyone likes him! Damn straight he is fly and pimp.
Person 1: "I know this guy and his name is John but is such an Adam"
Person 2: "Dude, my name is Adam. Thanks!"
#beast #cool #amazing #fly #pimp #adam
by Fred Claus December 22, 2007
Adam is the everything guy. Adam is smart, funny, a handy man, that looks hot washing the car to crawling under a deck to fix something.
Adam is the guy every lady wants. He makes you laugh when you're having a bad day instantly.
Adam is a strong man that can handle anything that life deals him. His concious approves his conduct and grows brave by reflection.
Wish I had an Adam.
"I'm dating Adam"
"No flippin way!" "I wanted to date Adam"

Adam is the shizzle!
#hot #all types of men in one #strong #grizzly #awesome
by 09siren August 18, 2010
A extremely long penis of at least nineteen inches.
He was taunting me with Jake, so I just whipped out Adam and put him to shame!
#dick #adam #huge #shame #jake
by Master Doom September 27, 2009
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