A term referring to the tiny size of a man's penis. The penis must be circumstised and small (1inch long unerect) in order to resemble that of an acorn.
Barry: So, did you get laid last night?
Larry: Hell yeh, but the guy tried to fuck me up the arse with his acorn dick so I slapped him down and told him to bend over for my big sclong
by Simon Whiteside February 03, 2005
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Top Definition
When a dick has no shaft, only a tip
It is extremely difficult to masturbate with an acorn dick. what do you do, stroke it with two fingers?
by wiggly dick December 24, 2014
Your dick is soo small gays and girls qualify it as an acorn dick.Also when your hard your penus is the size of a acorn.
Dude,Brittany told me that jim had an acorn dick.
by mr.sanchez November 02, 2007

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