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Best Ackrite bitch!
The bitch betta Ackrite or get the fuck out!
by Team Penis March 16, 2003
Act Right.
"Betta Ackrite up in this mutha. Or we be gettin' shit on."
by Diego August 21, 2003
most likely used for oral sex or other types of sex, also can be used as Act Right.
Hoe you ain't the bomb, must be a dyke
witcho' lips swoll, and give a nig' some ackrite-Chronic 2001
by sonokibono July 26, 2007
When one acts out or acts inappropriately.
Lauren: "Maaaaan, check Karla out. She needs to calm the eff down and chill out."

Courtney: "Looks like somebody forgot to take her dose of Ack Rite today. Better go sprinkle some in her FourLoko."
by cnicAtx June 29, 2011
a song by dr dre on the chronic 2001
have you heard the song ackrite by dr dre?
by Tom Frey May 13, 2005
to fuck, have sex, screw, that kinda thing
give me sum ackrite.

we gota go ackrite
by kevin_x1 January 08, 2006