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A series of parties and gatherings consisting of high use of grass, speed, and most especially LSD. These gatherings were common in the mid to late 60's created by novelist Ken Kesey and his Band of Merry Pranksters. The band The Grateful Dead, was conceived at these acid tests.
Can you pass the acid test?
by cameronwiggins October 18, 2005
a very thourough test(acid is used in the chemical test to determine if gold is real or not)
I gave my new car an acid test to determine if it was worth buying.
by Light Joker April 02, 2005
A technique wherein a person subjects a potential friend to a series of mean or horrific tests to see if the person is actually cool.
Potential Friend: Hi man, what's up?
Cool Guy: Go fuck yourself.
Potential Friend: Fuck you too, buddy. Wanna go grab a burger?
Cool Guy: Congrats, you passed the acid test.

Potential Friend: Hi man, what's up?
Cool Guy: Go fuck youself.
Potential Friend: *cry*
by sk1tch March 08, 2007
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