Weak quasi-consulting quack house specialising in over-paying over-qualified unambitious grads to tap keyboards all day in awful provincial business parks, courting the hatred and contempt of real workers on site.
That sham Accenture used to be a respected consultancy, but now working there is like robbing tax payers as a hobby on your uni year out.
by Tom Impallomeni April 26, 2005
Top Definition
A consultancy primarily based on recent college graduates. Working at this firm causes clinical depression causing most employees to re-evaluate their life decisions or turn to other forms of release i.e. alcohol.

It has been said that in order to be hired at Accenture you have to be a clinical alcoholic. They ask the question "Do you drink?" in the interview process. If you say no, kiss the job goodbye.
Wow, that kid is hammered.
No, he’s just an Accenture employee.
by James2008 July 10, 2008
Lame-ass consulting company.
"Hahah, check out that lousy consulting company, accenture, they really can't cut it."
by Some Consultant April 20, 2004
A large consulting company with over 100,000 people world wide. A wide range of deep industry skills. The company is split into operating groups and service lines.

Listed on the New York stock exchange as ACN.
We'll take this problem to Accenture for them to deliver a high performance solution.
by New Analyst October 04, 2004
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