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a JavaScript term that allows a blank page to open in a new window
no example
by thegestalt June 10, 2004
A pop-up in the form of an over-zealous new employee trying to fit in with his new co-workers (or any uninvited interuption). This new guy will "pop-up" into a conversation in progress; most likely with something unimportant or unrelated to say.
We were talking about our not-so-favorite customer when Jonathan came out of nowhere with an about:blank regarding an obscure movie quote, complete with a ridiculous Scottish accent.
by AmberLocs March 02, 2005
What the window says before it shosw you a popup for goatse.cx or something similarly evil.
I pressed Alt-F4 when the about:blank window popped up.
by Kix May 03, 2004