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Something that is beyond normal amount of crazy; from the Cypress Hill song "Insane in the Brain"
Man 1: I'm getting my spine pierced later.
Man 2: That's insane in the membrane!
by thegestalt August 28, 2005
a JavaScript term that allows a blank page to open in a new window
no example
by thegestalt June 10, 2004
1. The brain and central nervous system.
2. The administrators, operaters, and programmers in a computer network.
3. Sometimes used in science fiction to define computer hardware that has been integrated into the brain.
1. (non-slang)
2. (non-slang)
3. no example given
by thegestalt October 25, 2004
a pervert who has yet to reach puberty or still acts in prepubescent way
That 5-year-old prevert looked in the girl's window as she undressed.
by thegestalt June 11, 2004
a reference to the body in the fatalistic aspect that after it dies all it is a meat for something else to eat
We are all meatsacks.
by thegestalt May 03, 2005
a base-10 measuremnt system that the whole world uses except USA, who should adopt it
The USA's standard system has 12 inches(in) to the foot(ft), and 3ft to the yard(yd) whereas the metric system is 10 milimeters(mm) to the centimeter(cm), 100cm to the meter(m), and 1000m to the kilometer(km).
by thegestalt June 14, 2004

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