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A pop-up in the form of an over-zealous new employee trying to fit in with his new co-workers (or any uninvited interuption). This new guy will "pop-up" into a conversation in progress; most likely with something unimportant or unrelated to say.
We were talking about our not-so-favorite customer when Jonathan came out of nowhere with an about:blank regarding an obscure movie quote, complete with a ridiculous Scottish accent.
by AmberLocs March 02, 2005
1) Lying

2) Crying Wolf

Also known as Selling Tickets.
The bitch next door said my dog tried to attack her but I know she was sellin' tickets
by AmberLocs March 28, 2005
A nickname given to my brother's new found homeland. Having seen Pretty Woman probably too many times, my Mom and I just coudldn't utter the word Indiana without the "fuckin" in the middle. It's from a classic line in Pretty Woman. For those of you not familiar:(This is Para-Phrased)
Vivian: "Who does that work out for?"
Kit: "What, like you want a name?"
Vivian: "Yeah Gimme one name"
Kit: "A name, a name. The pressure of a name."
Kit: "Cinde-Fuckin-Rella"
Me: (To my Boss) I need to take Vacation in June.
My Boss: Oh really? Where ya goin?
Me: Indi-Fuckin-Ana.
by AmberLocs March 02, 2005
A total Pussy, in every way possible.

I did not coin this term, and for privacy's sake, I cannot name the guy who did. Well, at least the first person I heard say it, who, incidentally, is not the type to copy. Therefore I assume he coined the term. Anyway to the dude who said it first (initials ST): You rock!
That punk bitched out of the beer bong contest, he's PussCake.
by AmberLocs March 02, 2005
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